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Q & A

What is f3a-hobby?

f3a-hobby is a web-based mail-order business based in Taiwan. Our business since Oct 2015. We provide Radio Control Airplanes especially for f3a subject etc.


How am I supposed to pay?

We accept the receipt of money in PayPal.(PayPal E-Mail Address : josephallance@yahoo.com.tw )


What about import duty?

For U.S. customers, there is no import duty on any kits, although some very large orders may have to pay a small "customes inspection fee". Customers in other countries will usually have to pay import duty, however. This varies greatly from nation to nation. Individual customers will just have to determine whether ordering from f3a-hobby makes economic sense after such duty is imposed on their shipment. We will do whatever we can to help you get your parcel as economically as possible. Feel free to discuss this with us.


How do I order?

It's easy! Ordering process as below:
1) While browsing our product catalog, input the number which wants to be bought.
2) Press add button at the bottom of catalog page.
3) Then, your total amount is automatically displayed under the basket.
4) When you finish choosing the items which wants to be bought, click the Putchase button.
5) Then, just type your name and address, telephone, e-mail.
6) Click the Order button at the end.
When we recieve your order, we'll let you know the availability of your order item and total amount via e-mail. If you have any further questions, pleaes email to josephallance@yahoo.com.tw


Payment Instructions

We accept PayPal.
We report the last amount of money in customer.Please send the amount of money to email( josephallance@yahoo.com.tw ).
The state where PayPal is usable is Argentina , Australia , Austria , Belgium , Brazil , Canada , China , Costa Rica , Denmark , Dominican Republic , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hong Kong , Iceland , India , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Jamaica , Japan , Luxembourg , Mexico , Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Portugal , Singapore , South Africa , South Korea , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdo.


Shipping Costs

f3a-hobby.com system calculates shipping automatically.

There are 1 method of shipment available: EMS (Express air). Delivery times are below.
*EMS (7-10 days) -- You are in *great* hurry when select this way.EMS have web tracking system.
In addition to the three shipping methods described above, there are also two different shipping categories: Small Packet, and Parcel. Small packet, which is very economical, is defined as a package that has dimensions under 90cm for the sum of its length, width and height, and that weights less than 2kg (these rules are international, by the way. When you ship things overseas yourself, you should always request small packet if size permits for the best rate). This is large enough for typical hobby kits. Anything larger than that has to be shipped as a parcel is that a parcel as its own number to allow tracking if it goes astray, and a parcel is insurable. Packages that are small enough to be shipped by small packet can also be shipped by parcel if so desired. Parcels can be no larger than 150cm on any one side (100cm to the U.S. and Canada). and 300cm (200cm to the U.S. and Canada) for the sum of the length, plus two times the sum of the width and height. The upper weight limits 20kg.
*Our view of shipping risks*: If you live in an industrialized nation, you probably don't need to worry about insurance. In nearly every case, the cost of (usually) boosting an item to parcel status and then paying insurance is just not worth the tiny risk. If you ever have a shipping-related problem, talk with us and we'll do our best to remedy your situation. If you want insurance on your parcel in any case, let us know and we'll calculate the additional charges for you.
When figuring the weight of your shipment, don't forget to add the box! For a small packet shipment, assume a weight of 400g for packaging material, more for parcels.

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